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The new OPCI circuit of the Tsiribihina river descent

In 1982, the tourist operators sector of the Menabe Region designed and developed the circuit that they called «the Tsiribihina RiverDescent or The Classic Tour". Initially done by pirogue, the itinerary begins in Miandrivazo, descending the MahajiloRiver and joining the Tsiribihina River.

In order to keep the canoe trip originality, it was decided to bring to tourism its human dimension without minimizing the safety of tourists. To this end, a Partnership Agreement was signed between the GPAM, OPCI Fivoarana, and Mada Tropic Tours.

This Agreement objective is to operate tourist tours where each party meets its commitments.

One of the OPCI Fivoarana missions is to promote tourism, therefore sites have been identified and tourist tours have been created. From this initiative was born the new course of the TsiribihinaRiverDescent called "OPCI Circuit". It was designed especially to restore the importance of the canoe route in order to relive the navigation of an outdated era.


With a local crew, you will have a feeling of a change of scenery in calm and silence while listening to the songs of the birds or simply being in perfect harmony with nature.

This new route starts with a hike on the double-walled hill of Ambalavato, followed by a canoe trip from Ankotrofotsy through the villages of Beraketa and Beoro to Sahambano.

From Sahambano, the Tsiribihina River Descent joins the classic circuit with its stopovers at Anosin'Ampela and its famous waterfall, before continuing in the gorges of Bemaraha which continues until Belo onTsiribihina.

This trip will allow you to discover landscapes of different natures, sometimes dry, sometimes its rich biodiversity.

The faunistic aspects: fish, crocodiles, parrots, and lemurs can be observed.

The various stopovers and bivouacs under starry skieswill give you the opportunity to get in touch with the local population and discover their culture, lifestyle and traditional "kilalaky" dance. It will be an opportunity to know the difference between modern civilization and the way of living differently in simplicity and mutual respect.

OPCI : Organisme Public Communal Intercoopération Fivoarana
GPAM : Guide et Piroguier Associés de Miandrivazo